Mathematics & Pure Sciences.

In a world where Science & Technology is increasingly important, the need for excellence in science delivery and laboratory facilities is paramount. Our program of Mathematics & Pure Sciences provides exactly this with our tutors possessing doctorates and master’s degrees in their respective fields.
Our laboratory facilities are of university standard and unmatched in the country. The combination of experienced qualified faculty and facilities allows us to bring unparalleled focus on the Sciences. The Pre-University School is a must for science students seeking to build a strong foundation.

Humanities & Social Sciences.

Our program of Humanities & Social Sciences is a must for students seeking to do Business and Humanity related subjects as a precursor to University enrollment. The PREU Humanities and PREU Social Sciences program are both great examples of the strong focus and innovation in this area of study, access to university level tutors giving a different perspective, a must for students with an interest in these disciplines.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program.

The First of its kind in Jamaica where students can sit university credits whilst doing their CXC CAPE subjects. Designed for the driven and motivated individual who wants to get a head start on their university degree. All students who register for this program can sit 3 credits of an approved university course which will count toward their degree once matriculated. A program pioneered initially for the Faculty of Humanities has now been incorporated into the Faculties of Engineering and Social Science.

PREU Integrated Sixth Form Program

The newly introduced Integrated Sixth Form Program was created by the Ministry of Education to enable all students leaving Grade 11 (Fifth Form) to remain in school for an additional two years, Grades 12 & 13.   It is intending that students who enroll and complete the program should complete with at least a CXC Associate Degree or are enrolling in a full degree program such as UWI.

Offer Streams in the PREU Integrated Sixth Form Program

  1. Students with less than 4 subjects will be allowed to sit the additional CSEC subjects in Year 1 and then CAPE subjects in Year 2.  These students will have to sit a mandatory skill such as Customer Service from City & Guilds.
  2. Students with 4 Subjects will be allowed to sit one CSEC subject along with two-unit 1 CAPE in Year 1. They will then sit Unit 2 CAPE subjects in Year 2.   These students will sit a mandatory skill such as Customer Service from City & Guilds.
  3. Students with 5 CSEC subjects and above will be allowed to sit two Unit 1 CAPE subjects in Year 1. They will then sit two Unit 2 subjects in Year 2.  These students will sit a mandatory skill such as Customer Service from City & Guilds.

CXC Associate Degrees.

Another pathway for the more discerning student is to configure their CAPE offerings to get a CXC Associate Degree Arts in Law or in Entrepreneurship. Students are required to complete at least ten units of CAPE over a two-year period equivalent to 100 notional credit hours. This program provides the opportunity to gain tertiary level qualifications prior to university a definitive bonus.

CXC, Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE)

• Pure Mathematics
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Physics
• Computer Science
• Entrepreneurship
• Economics
• Accounting
• English Literature
• Sociology
• Managements of Business
• Law
• Communication Studies
• Caribbean Studies

CXC, Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC)

• Principles of Business
• Principles Accounts
• English Language
• Social Studies
• Mathematics
• Chemistry
• Biology
• Human and Social Biology
• Physics
• Information Technology