The Pre-University School which has been in existence for more than two decades is synonymous with success and has become known as one of the leading learning institutions in Jamaica having one of the highest rate of matriculation to the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, other universities and colleges within the country. The school provides a unique environment where students develop the skills, they need to succeed in any situation with a host of different matriculation pathways. The School was the original pioneer in Pre-University education focusing on providing access to thousands of Jamaican students.

The Pre-University School (PRUS) located at Taylor Hall, University of the West Indies, Mona Campus provides day school classes in CXC CSEC and CAPE subjects the building blocks in a sound foundation to advance to tertiary level study. The school through its initiative and drive to meet its mandate created and introduced the only (AP) Advanced Placement program in Jamaica where students can sit university credits while studying and doing their CAPE subjects serving as a gentle introduction to university study and academic processes. Another pathway for the more discerning student is to configure their CAPE offerings to get a CXC Associate Degree Arts in Law or in Entrepreneurship.

The School is a participant in the Ministry of Educations Career Advancement Program (CAP) now replaced by the new Integrated Sixth Form Program (ISFP) which focuses on students who would normally not be accommodated in the formal sixth form program in their schools. This is an innovative way to keep fifth form graduates in school for an additional two years leading to some tertiary advancement. We also offer diplomas and certificates in many skills areas such as Customer Service, Early Childhood, and Healthcare to name a few, and partner with other institutions when necessary.

Students who enroll at the Pre-University School come prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that are present, a highly qualified and professional faculty, modern air-conditioned lecture rooms, Live-Streaming, Online Classes, teaching aids, and internet-linked study rooms – the perfect study environment.

We are registered by the Ministry of Education, NCTVET, and City & Guilds.