Students must have completed the Fifth Form to be eligible for tuition assistance.

Total Tuition Assistance payable by the Ministry of Education is $80,000 per student for each year over two years, making eligible to a total of $160,000 per student.

Students in Stream 3 above can do the 3 credit University course but will be required to pay the additional amount of $60,000.

If Students wish to do more subjects than those prescribed, they will be required to pay the amount exceeding the tuition assistance of $80,000.


TUITION – Government Allowance

The Ministry of Education will pay up to $80,000.00/year (for 2 years) for all qualifying students. This grant will allow students to do any subject/s that total up to the maximum amount of $80,000.00/year.

All tuition fees that exceed the maximum grant must be covered by the student/guardian/parent/sponsor.

All mandatory fees must be paid by the student/guardian/parent/sponsor

MOE grant of $80,000.00/year does not cover science lab fees, textbooks, personal school equipment, notes textbooks etc.

The student/guardian/parent/sponsor is responsible for all CXC exam and administration fees. (these fees are not covered by the government grant)


Tuition and mandatory fees are payable at any NCB (National Commercial Bank) branch

May be paid on a school voucher, available at the main office, Taylor Hall UWI Mona

In the absence of a school voucher, fees may be paid on a Direct Deposit Slip

  • Account Name – Pre-University School
  • Account Number- 401006362
  • Student Registration # is not required for payment of fee/s

Payment vouchers or direct deposit slips should be submitted to the office either in person or uploaded to the school’s email at (preu_admin)


All fees that exceed the government grant must be paid in 2 equal parts.

An amount of 50% (not less than) must be paid before the student start classes and the remaining 50% (not less than) must be paid before the student submit exam entry forms.

CXC EXAM ENTRY 2020-2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the CXC exam entry time frame is uncertain. Notice for exam forms and entry procedures will go out once a date is confirmed by the CXC Overseas Examination Commission.

Exam fees must be calculated correctly as examination fees are non-refundable.

Please read the section on examination entry covered in the schools’ general rule Book



Registration (Non-refundable) $3,000.00
Identification Card (Mandatory) $2,000.00


CXC – CSEC $34,000.00
CXC – CSEC Info Technology

CXC –  CSEC EDPM                                  




CXC-CAPE – 1 Unit only***

CXC-CAPE – 1 Unit Bio., Chem., Phys. and Pure Mathematics



CXC-CAPE – Unit 1 & 2  





CXC – CAPE Com. Science 1  Unit only

CXC-CAPE Com. Science Unit 1 & 2





                         If doing 1 lab

                         If doing 2 labs

                         If doing 3 labs

                        If doing 4 labs












Advanced Placement:


School of Engineering 

Faculty of Humanities 

Faculty of Social Sciences