CAPE Biology



Biology is the scientific study of living organisms. The study of this subject leads to an understanding and appreciation of the concepts of life at all levels and hence to greater respect and reverence for life. The interconnected web of life and the unique role of the human species are integral to the dynamic value of the biosphere. The CAPE Biology Syllabus prepares students to acquire knowledge about how to protect, sustain, conserve, and improve the variety of life in the ecosphere. It also provides a foundation for persons wishing to pursue careers in biological, environmental, agricultural, medical, paramedical, and applied science.

Unit 1: Biomolecules, Reproduction, and Development

Module 1 Cell and Molecular Biology
Module 2 Genetics, Variation and Natural Selection
Module 3 Reproductive Biology

Unit 2: Bioenergetics, Biosystems, and Applications

Module 1 Bioenergetics
Module 2 Biosystems Maintenance
Module 3 Applications of Biology