CSEC Physics



Physics is a science that deals with matter and energy and their interactions. It is concerned with systems, laws, models, principles, and theories that explain the physical behavior of our world and the universe. Physics is regarded as a fundamental scientific discipline since all advances in technology can be traced either directly or indirectly to the physical laws and theories.

The CSEC Physics Syllabus is redesigned with a greater emphasis on the application of scientific concepts and principles. Such an approach is adopted in order to develop those long-term transferrable skills of ethical conduct, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, and communication. In addition, it encourages the use of various teaching and learning strategies to inculcate these skills while at the same time catering to multiple intelligences and different learning styles and needs. The syllabus will assist students to develop positive values and attitudes towards the physical components of the environment and will also provide a sound foundation for those who wish to pursue further studies in science.

The syllabus is arranged in five sections, namely:

SECTION A Mechanics
SECTION B Thermal Physics and Kinetic Theory
SECTION C Waves and Optics
SECTION D Electricity and Magnetism
SECTION E The Physics of the Atom