Office Administration



Office Administration is a Business Education subject concerned with the study of administrative principles, policies, procedures, and technological competencies governing the modern office environment. The content and teaching strategies used to reflect current trends in the modern office. The syllabus aims to provide students with knowledge, skills, and attitudes for immediate access to entry-level positions such as administrative assistants, clerical assistants, receptionists, record management clerks, accounting clerks, and factory and dispatch clerks and other related positions.

The syllabus adopts a practical approach, aimed at equipping students with the technical and professional skills to perform effectively, and for mobility as administrative support personnel within an organization. Further, it seeks to nurture and improve students’ social and personal management skills and foster the development of a positive work ethic. In addition, the syllabus provides the foundation for students desirous of furthering their education in other related fields.

The syllabus is arranged in 12 sections, subdivided into specific objectives and corresponding content.

Section I Office Orientation
Section II Communication
Section III Recruitment and Orientation
Section IV Records and Information Management
Section V Reception and Hospitality
Section VI Meetings
Section VII Travel Arrangements
Section VIII Human Resources Management
Section IX Accounts and Financial Services
Section X Procurement and Inventory Management
Section XI Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service
Section XII Operations, Despatch and Transport services