Principles of Business



Principles of Business focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of business activities. It provides a framework to assist in more informed decision-making by individuals in their role as producers or consumers. This syllabus provides opportunities for students to develop entrepreneurial and managerial skills necessary to survive and prosper in a local, regional, and global dynamic business environment. It also engages students in conducting research which helps to improve their communication and critical thinking skills and creates an awareness of business ethics and social responsibilities.

The Principles of Business syllabus is arranged into 10 sections.

Profile Dimension 1 – Organisational Principles

Section 1 The Nature of Business
Section 2 Internal Organisational Environment
Section 3 Establishing a Business
Section 4 Legal Aspects of Business

Profile Dimension 2 – Production, Marketing, and Finance

Section 5 Production
Section 6 Marketing
Section 7 Business Finance

Profile Dimension 3 – The Business Environment

Section 8 Role of Government in an Economy
Section 9 Social Accounting and Global Trade
Section 10 Regional and Global Business Environment