Social Studies



Social Studies contributes to the effective development of the learner by increasing personal and social awareness, and by placing emphasis on values as well as on social and interpersonal relationships. This syllabus seeks to ensure that students develop the necessary skills and at the same time introduces them to the knowledge of social phenomena that may enhance their effectiveness as social participants in the Caribbean community. It is also intended that, through the syllabus, the process of valuing would be made conscious so that persons become aware of their position, thus enabling them to bring conscious criteria to bear on their choices as social participants.

Although the main focus of the syllabus is the Caribbean, opportunities have been provided for the treatment of international issues that have a bearing on Caribbean development.

The syllabus content is organized into three major sections. Students are required to complete Sections A and B and one Option from Section C.

Section A Individual, Family, and Society
Section B Sustainable Development and Use of Resources(i) Development and Use of Resources(ii) Regional Integration
Section C Options:

C1 – Communication

C2 – Consumer Affairs

C3 – Tourism