Registration and Financial Information

All fees must be paid in the fall semester and this can be done in two ways. The student either pays all his/her fees before the start of the course, or the student can pay by a scheme where half of the fees are paid at registration and the remaining portion by the end of October.
All students are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of $2000.
All fees must be paid by vouchers obtained at the school offices at Taylor Hall, UWI. Payments are done at the National Commercial Bank on the University West Indies, Mona Campus and the voucher resubmitted to the school’s office.
Each student must submit two passport size picture with his/her application.

Student Financing

For us, our student welfare and financial stability are of the highest priority as this is important if they are to be successful in their academic endeavors.
Registered students by themselves or preferable through their parents can access financing with our help, making us the only institution of this type that offers such a facility. Please contact us for further information.