English A



Students who do the English course will explore receptively and expressively three major literary modes, Drama, Poetry, and Prose Fiction, in order to become aware of the many functions and purposes of language. In doing so, they will discover that the four facets of language arts, namely, listening, speaking, reading, and writing, are closely linked together and are interdependent.

Syllabus objectives are organized under understanding and expression in order to guide curriculum development, to give meaning to a teaching program, and to define an assessment scheme that reinforces an English syllabus which has been conceived as an integrated approach to language teaching and which enables students to appreciate the holistic nature of language learning.

The English Syllabus is organized for examination as English A and English B. The former emphasizes the development of oral and written language skills among students through a variety of strategies. The latter provides opportunities for students to explore and respond critically to specific literary texts as they observe and appreciate the author’s craft.

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